Club Coffee Salutes Provincial Leadership Supporting Compostable Coffee Pods

TORONTO, ON. – November 29, 2018 – Club Coffee’s PurPod100™ is recognized as an important innovation in the new Ontario Environment Plan. The Plan announced by Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks underlines the value of consumer-focused business innovation to dealing with issues such as climate change and reducing plastic waste – including through the certified 100% compostable coffee pods.

John Pigott, CEO notes that “Club Coffee is pleased to see the Ontario government supporting business innovations like our compostable coffee pods that deliver what consumers want for the environment and our economy. We are proud of being a leader because encouraging the private sector to invest in compostable products and packaging is key to the circular economy. We applaud the government for recognizing and supporting this.”

The pods have earned certification as compostable from the Biodegradable Products Institute and have been successfully tested in many food waste composting facilities in Ontario and the United States. They are available to consumers through brands such as President’s Choice, Ethical Bean, Muskoka Roastery, Melitta Canada and Jumping Bean. Those and other brands have seen consumer interest in alternatives to single-use products and packaging in traditional plastics.

The Environment Plan includes a commitment to break down the barriers that have led some municipalities to avoid formal inclusion of the pods in local green bin programs. Minister Phillips expects to see action to resolve issues such as producer responsibility payments for local food waste programs and information for consumers on how to dispose of products and packaging.

Pigott made special mention of the contribution of Norm Miller. The Parry Sound-Muskoka Member of Provincial Parliament introduced a bill in the Ontario Legislature in 2017 designed to require all single serve coffee pods sold in Ontario to be compostable. That bill received all-party support but did not complete all stages to become law prior to the Legislature’s end with the 2018 election. “Norm Miller played a critical role in moving this debate forward. His action got a phenomenal response and showed that people want innovative answers to our environmental challenges. We deeply appreciate his leadership in helping us all get where we are today.”

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