Club Coffee Welcomes Ontario’s Commitment to Support Compostable Product Innovation


New Ontario Working Group Expected to Recommend How to Accept Compostable Coffee Pods and Other Innovations in Ontario Green Bins

Toronto, June 20, 2019 — Club Coffee, the leader in plant-based, compostable single serve coffee pods, saluted the Ontario government decision to move rapidly so compostable coffee pods will be accepted in all Ontario green bins. A working group has been asked to recommend to new Environment Minister Jeff Yurek clear rules on all compostable products and packaging for province-wide action with a highlight on compostable pods.

“The government is listening,” said Club Coffee CEO John Pigott. “It knows that consumers see plant-based compostable pods like ours as part of the solution to plastic waste and litter. They can see that our pods are at least 85% coffee. That’s why the pods have been tested successfully and accepted in places like Seattle already. We are happy to be part of a working group that will achieve clear, consistent ways for compostables to be accepted in every green bin across this province.”

Ontario’s action reflects the explosion of consumer demand for alternatives to plastics, the crisis facing recycling programs around the world, the need for climate change action and job creation as compostable sector leaders emerge across the province.

“We welcome Environment Minister Yurek to his new role and are confident the new rules will deliver objective, evidence-based support for the acceptance of our compostable coffee pods in the green bin system once and for all – as part of a transparent, standardized and fact-based process for all new compostable materials.”

The provincial action builds on its recognition of Club Coffee’s compostable single serve coffee pods in the recent Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to tackle plastic litter and waste. Club Coffee was the first North American company to develop a plant-based coffee pod certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

As Pigott noted, “The Ontario decision is a game changer for all of Canada. Clear rules and processes will enable consumers to get the most from the compostable coffee pods they already enjoy from brands including President’s Choice, Ethical Bean, Melitta Canada, Muskoka Roastery, and Jumping Bean – plus the new compostable pods compatible with Nespresso Original Line brewers we will be launching and our new compostable packaging.”

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